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Art & Sanity

In a world of constant stimulation ~ visual, verbal and physical ~ a quiet space, with inward directing Art can offer a respite. I have created these artworks with this in mind, to help facilitate the creation of a space for inner connection, at home, or on the road.


These artworks are created with family and friend’s dwelling spaces in mind ~ tiny apartments, crowded family homes, vans, dorms, couch surfing backpacks. The idea being, any place can become a space for accessing the quiet and contemplative core we hold inside us. These pieces are for wherever you find yourself, anchored in a home meditative space or pulled out of a pack for a quiet focused moment when traveling.


Each piece is individually painted and created with the intent to foster your inner journeying.


If this is a gift, please let me know in the notes, and any message you would like included on the notecard sent with it.

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