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     My abstract, nature based and quiet space works are created for a nervous system re-set.  I hope to mirror a feeling of calm and harmony in the viewer, through visually exploring the flow of color and shape, found in natural forms and color relationships.


      For my image based work, I research current biology, developmental milestones, and mythology, and the ways the human body sorts this information - emotionally, mentally and physically.  I gather from the global myths and stories that shape how our societies have evolved.  I use imagery found in daily life and seek to, by overlapping and repeating, lessen the charge of the image and heighten the quiet space for reflection.  My work explores experiences of rituals, the relationship between visual noise & inner silence, the paradox of looking for fixed ideals in a constantly changing and transforming inner landscape, & how the human mind constricts and constructs stories to explain this paradox.  I encourage the viewer to spend time with themselves and engage their own relationship to the stories & images, to see if there is resistance, acceptance, humor, connection and perhaps, find there is a deeper inner quiet that is separate from the thought fray, accepting, and conscious of the transitory nature of fixed points in both our ideals and biology.


-Maeve Grogan


For current shows, recent projects and to inquire about a Santa Fe studio visit:

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