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"When I detect a beauty in any of the recesses of nature, I am reminded by the serene and retired spirit in which it requires to be contemplated, of the inexpressible privacy of life - how silent and unambitious it is.  

The beauty there is in the mosses will have to be considered from the holiest, quietest nook."

David Thoreau

Cheers to the quiet nooks we find, where we can play with the edge of the unknown, and discover the words, images, sounds, beauty and movements that harmonize our inner and outer worlds.  

In my abstract work, I feel for relationships with colors, shapes and images that evoke a sense of underlying stillness, calm and harmony, even in a vibrant flow of color.  In my image work, I merge private and collective stories, ancient and contemporary, so we can stand back and observe our own patterns, making space around the stories for awareness and surprise.  I base my shape language and color relationships on what I witness in nature, macro & micro.

Some of the artists who I draw inspiration from are Agnes Martin, Mark Rothko, Ad Reinhardt, Monet, Annette Messager (especially “Le Repos des Pensionnaires”), Cai Guo-Qiang and Joseph Albers, each for the way they engage color, materials and making the invisible, visible, each in their own way. 

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.

Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakens."

Carl Jung


Art & Wellness

Art & Stories can help us connect with the unspoken, the areas we hold close and private, deep in our bodies.  It has been shown to engage the non-verbal parts of the brain that hold our implicit memories, the memories we don't always have words for, just feelings, reactions, instincts.  Both viewing and making art can help us awaken to, and befriend, confusing feelings and thought patterns with re-framed (wiser, more mature) awareness, understanding and acceptance (This is one of the reasons why art therapy can help access and integrate lost memories, the feelings they evoke, and bring the non-verbal into consciousness).  


Art & stories can surprise us and offer a private space to explore our loves, fears, curiosities, hatreds and insecurities.  The more space we have around them, the more fluidity and choice we have around our reactivity, be it in the present moment, or from past events.

Art & stories can help us understand ourselves and feel around inside ourselves.  We can practice moving our awareness around.  Art can affirm the brave hidden narrative in our life stories... and connect us with others searching and discovering their personal and communal narratives.  

Beauty, humor, happiness, and being able to show up authentically, even if it's rage, sorrow or unbridled joy, have been shown to help the immune system.  Each person holds what is beautiful and real to them individually.  So viewing and making art, writing, communing with nature, smelling pine trees (clinical studies have been done on this), immersing yourself in a favorite color, can help with wellness, centering, awareness, and essentially, coming home to ones self.  

That is my primary motivation when making my work.


  • To breathe life in.


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